AR is it possible

Ok with the possibility that I may be showing the true depth of my lack of knowledge. I ask this question knowing that there are a lot of people out there who will view this question with the contempt it probably deserves. But here goes.

I had a problem with the display on my iPad. Went to the local apple store got excellent service and was given a new iPad because they don’t repair the units. While I was there I watched a demonstration of AR very interesting the demonstrator walked all around the object superimposed on the live feed from the back facing camera.

I design and install new gardens and garden building kitchens, cinemas, spare pools etc.

This is a typical first concept design I show to clients. It is the basic building plus a few shrubs to give texture.

How difficult is it to output the file to be interactive in AR.

Best wishes


I’m seeing a lot of different programs for Augmented Reality today that were not available years ago.

I’ve been doodling a fair amount of time and don’t know a lot about AR … I would think YouTube might be a good start to get familiarized with what’s available?

As far as difficulty, I would think it would depend on the complexity of the project? For the most part, it’s relatively easy. It’s time consuming, well for me… :sunglasses:

Some things to consider would be your operating system … I recently beefed up my computer system to accomplish some things that were taxing my older system in regard to texturing, rendering and animation…

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Beautiful effort Paul. I heard from Daniel last year that AR had an excellent performance on Shapr3D but yet, they’ve not implemented the feature in the app, so maybe they are looking forward ro see it matured or sth like that.


I was thinking (and I might sound completely ignorant here…) what if there was an AR button next to the ‘viewing-cube’ to click and that would just switch off the grid/background and turn on the the camera so the model would appear to sit on any flat plane in front of the camera. So sort of seamless on/off viewing - that would be cool. Maybe you need a ‘place model’ button to fix it to a certain point in the viewfinder (and maybe adjust size) - and then the tumble camera just matches the iPad movements.
Do I make sense…?

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Yes, you do. AR is not among our top priorities though. We have this on our mind, even saw some quick, coarse prototypes, but we won’t be actively working on it anytime soon


Any good workaround for this? (Apps that convert any of the shapr3d export file types to USDZ?)

AR is here!