AR view not working

Hi I love the Ar feature. I have the issue where when I tap on the ar render button. My model is rendered off screen. If I pan my ipad around I can find the model but I can not move my model. I used to be able to tap a 2nd time on β€œAR” and it would reposition the object. But it will not reposition my model anymore. It should position my model directly in front of my ipad at first lanch seamlessly. I tried going to And viewing an iPhone the vr/ar from the Apple store and that works effortlessly. As a Test. The iphone displays on my table in front of me and I can move it around with ease. Even when ar in Shapr3d was more or less working correctly it was not very easy to move my model in ar space. I hope you can fix this issue soon and not just put it on the back burner so to speak. I love the ar feature so much. I use it all the time. You just updated with new materials to use in Ar view so I know you think this feature is important.

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The center of the AR preview is the center of the coordinate system of Shapr3D. If the model is located far away from the origin, it will be placed out of view in the AR too.

Can you please check where your model is placed in the modeling space?

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Maybe your solution was the issue. But I think it might have been fixed in the Latest iPadOS 17 Beta. But it is working now.