Arc length in 2d drawings

Will this function be added?


I could’ve used this function tonight designing a part. It would also be nice to select a radius edge of a body in the 3D space and know it’s arc length.

The are length is on the object info one down the bot on of the screen


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@Lout true, arc length is displayed at the bottom, along with the diameter.

The problem is you can’t set an arc by its length, only by it’s angle and radius. Shapr will just display the length.

The same ongoing request is with circles, not being able to set them by diameter, only by radius. But it will display the diameter after it is made.

It’s pretty annoying to have to calculate those manually in order to sketch them.

I believe the OP is also requesting in the 2D dimensioned drawings having the ability to dimension an arc by its length, not just by its arc angle.

We don’t have sheet metal functions, so a rough workaround where this would be useful is being able to set the arc length of a given radius, then being able to sketch the same part flat for a laser cutter.

I had to do this a couple days ago for a motorcycle seat pan.

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