Change radius to dimensions

Change radius to dimensions on a circle during sketching ? Is there a way to do it?

If you’re asking about using diameter instead of radius while sketching, that’s a request as old as time itself, and not possible.

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Not possible is a bit discouraging. I’m confused, what makes the limitations?

Are you asking how to change the radius of a circle? Simply select the circle, then tap on the dimension with the Pencil, and aet the value.

[NathanD] was correct in what I was asking.

Currently it’s not possible to switch between radius and diameter.

Are they working on it? It seems like a basic function. :thinking:

At the moment we don’t, but we will implent this in the foreseeable future.

The problem is Tutorial. If you don’t have this function so please make tutorial according to application functionality. At the moment that is shows in tutorial is not program.

Hi @Robotukas ,

This is something that was released few months ago eventually. In the settings menu you can choose your circular annotation preference. I hope this help you in the learning journey.

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Hi. For some reason I can not find this Circular Annotations-option in my settings. I am on a pc and my settings menu looks different.

I hope this article helps:

Great, many thanks!