Armchair Complex Shape


I often have to draw complex shapes for armchairs or chairs. I generally have 2D DWG drawings but cannot figure out the best method to convert those 2D views into a 3D model on shapr3D.

Can you help me ? I am interested to understand the recommended methodology in order to be able to use it on other models.

I enclose some 2D DWG files as a exemple.

A Short video showing the process would help.

Note : i am only interested with the shell of the armchair. I can manage to design the legs.

Thanks for your help.
Armchair complex (106.7 KB)

Hi, thanks for sending the sketch.
In the app, designs are approached differently.
It’s more of using different sketches to build up your model rather than extruding a complete model from a whole 2d sketch of the model (not sure it works this way in any Cad tool actually).

Here are short videos showing how similarly shaped chairs are designed in the app using sketches and the Loft tool:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Useful !

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