How to construct this curved arms chair's back?

Hello everyone, i am using Shapr3D for a while now and i am really fascinated by the easy of this awesome program. For learning i watched most of the official tutorials on

At our home we have this chair (see picture) and i always wanted to create this wooden backplate in Shapr3d. But i just don’t get it.

To break it down first i decided to just create half of it and then just mirror it because the two sides are the same.
The main part (where your back leans) is curved from right to left and also slightly curved from up to down. I could manage to create this shape (nearly correct i guess) by first building a thicker block with the shape of the 2d front view and then removing the curves from upper view and right view.

I could also create the arms respective one arm. Since it is not curved in itself this wasn’t to complex.

But combining the backplate and the arm seems to be nearly impossible. I tried with loft tool but it never gave me the wanted result - so i wonder if that is the correct approach anyways.

I would be very happy for some guidance here :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Here’s something that might help. The tutorial is a bit dated but still should give you some insight.

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They are using the loft tool. I am going to watch the whole tutorial. Maybe i can get some hints there. Thank you