Hi, so I have been using the website ( for my 3d designs, and recently switched to shapr3d. And shapr3d seems far better than vectary, but there is a feature in vectary called (linear array), which I use very often. The feature basically creates a set number of instances of a selected model (not duplicates of the model).

This feature will allow me to easily create multiple instances of a selected model, without having to create duplicates of that model, which is very painful to manage.

Without this feature, I have to manually create duplicates of each model, which takes up a lot of RAM, whereas creating instances of a model relies on CPU or GPU power, which is much more efficient to organize, you only have to manage one model even if you create 10 instances of the same model.

Shapr3d is definitely a lot more powerful than vectary, but this feature is an absolute necessity for my workflow. I would make a complete switch if this feature is added. Thank you!

Use the Pattern tool which allows for linear duplicates or circular duplicates. No need to manually make duplicates. Instancing as you described is not available in Shapr3D at this time.

I have actually used the pattern feature and created many copies, the pattern frature seems to be very RAM intensive, after creating a large number of copies of a model, the RAM easily gets filled. Whereas instancing is suppose to use CPU or GPU power, and minimal amount of RAM.

And, lets say I create 10 copies of a model using the pattern feature. And then decide to make some changes to that model, with pattern I would have to either make those changes individually 10 times, or delete 9 of those copies, make the changes to the base model, then create 10 copies again, which is extremely inefficient. But with an array feature that creates instances of the base model, if I make any changes to the base model, all those changes are automatically replicated across all the 10 or so instances. Which is a very efficient way of working.

When can we expect an Array feature that allows instancing? Thanks!

Array, as you describe here, is a parametric modelling tool, while as of now Shapr3D is using the direct modelling approach. Each has their own pros and cons, in some cases, one is better, in others, the other.

But, I have used 3d modeling websites and softwares that have features from both direct modeling, and parameter modeling approaches. So, I was wondering if you guys would add the Array feature to shapr3d and when? The Array feature is absolutely necessary for my workflow.


We can’t provide a timeline, but we have some great, quite big features in the works :wink: Stay tuned!