Feature Comparison with other cad packages

Just curious…I cut my teeth on AutoCAD and am now using Rhino as my design tool. Is there a list of features that Shapr3D has as compared to other CAD apps? I love the product but am having troubles getting a full list of features.

Not really, our feature set is definitely much smaller, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to do with Shapr3D what you want. Most likely you use less than 10% of those packages. So eventually it really comes down to what you do with your CAD system. This is why it’s great that Shapr3D is a freemium app, so you can use the free version as long as you want to :slight_smile:

Arrays are hugely important…is there a future for arrays in Sharp3D?

And if you buy a subscription, you’re grandfathered in at that price if the price goes up later due to a richer feature set.

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Yes, that’s an often requested feature, and it’s definitely something we will implement in the (not too distant) future.