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I really looked forward to purchasing my first ipad pro and loading shapr3d for the purpose of having a mobile device I could create ideas/solutions on the fly or for instance, sat on my lounge sofa.
I have tried the free version with a view to subscribing to the software.
I’ve tried to create a panel with multiple shelf peg holes in one face as if it was a kitchen cabinet side panel and I’ve found it such a challenge not being able to create multiple copies of the holes (in 2d sketch) at an equal distance such as an array.
I use AutoCad on my pc for my main work and love the fact I could import 2d drawing either way from pc to ipad.
Can you/anyone let me know if this is going to be a feature in the future?

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Hi Nick, really great to hear that you like Shapr3D! Yes, we have a team working on the array feature. It’s coming soon.


Hi Istvan, thanks for your reply.
I’m getting terribly frustrated. I’ve not paid for a licence yet becuase there are issues I would like to resolve or at least have a solution to. I love shapr3d and I so want to invest in it.
How do I simply move a sketch object a set distance? I can move a construction axis a set distance but not a circle,line etc?
Another issue. I zoomed out too far and lost my work. Is there a zoom extents? Where I can zoom in/out to see all my work? I’m trying shapr3d out on ipad pro and pc and I apprciate zooming is different between the two.

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To position sketches, use constraints. You can set distance constraints between two points or two parallel lines etc.

If you want to move a sketch to a specific distance, you can use the Move/Rotate or the Translate tool.

In terms of workflow, the best practice is to always use constraints for positioning instead of moving sketches.

Double tap or double click on the orientation cube to reset the view.

I hope this helps!

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That’s fantastic news!

Yes thanks it helps loads.



Hey Nick. You really should go to the Shapr3D YouTube channel and watch all of the beginner courses. They have a playlist of like 25 videos that cover your questions.

I have 30 years experience professionally using a ton of CAD/CAM software (like Fusion, Inventor, and Solidworks), but the UI and naming scheme of some functions in Shapr3D had me looking for help. Those beginner videos were exactly what I needed. Good luck!

Thanks Jeremy, will do.