Assembly Feature

The purpose of this thread is to formally request an assembly feature. The ability to test / visualize the moving parts of a design are essential to rapidly prototyping and iterating designs before printing.

Are assemblies a planned feature?
Is it already in development?
How much interest required before this feature can be scheduled?

I love your product. Can’t wait to use it more.

We will have 3D snaps, and all sorts of alignment tools in the future.

Not sure when, can’t share an ETA yet, but as far as plans go this is one of the bigger ones. It has been asked many times, which we appreciate. We have a few bigger things in the pipeline before these though.

Related to this, there will be some minor improvements in Items in the next few months.

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3D snaping has been a long announced and waited feature (for at least 2 year)… has it been implemented?

Hello Claudio, not yet. Still on our mind and we understand the need for it. We reprioritized our roadmap, so we can focus on core experience/modeling features first. We will get to 3D snapping eventually.

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Thank you for replying Daniel. I really hope to see this feature soon.

Hi Daniel,

3D snapping is a very important 3D tool in building 3D model. May I have Shapr team to put this on top priority.


Hi @rexcmk, @Claudio and everyone else interested in this. The need is noted, and we plan to get into detailed design work for 3D snapping and alignment pretty soon. If that progresses well we will hopefully be able to share some more specific expectations on timing.


Wonderful! Can’t wait!

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