Assistance required to modify Product mockup

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Shapr3D software and I am not a designer. I have been trying to find the designer specialist in Shapr3D, but I couldn’t find in public freelance sites. That’s why I cam here to get assistance.

We are a return gift bag manufacturing company. We will make custom design paper bags based on customer requirements.

Our graphic designer provides a design file in the die-line format. We need to apply the design in the mockup and share it with customers.

I have tried to find the video tutorials to apply the images on existing product. But couldn’t find it… In case any of you here, willing to assist me, I am much happy to pay for it.

Quick and dirty. You can see I drew over a die cut image and lofted the panels. Then rotated and placed them.

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Then it’s a matter of exporting the model and processing the appropriate images to the faces in another program.

Export and use the obj format and then apply colors and images in procreate’s 3d feature

Also, I would like to know exactly what you did to move the panels as if folding the box, it looks helpful for leather goods patterns too

On the move tool you can move the anchor point. i simply moved the anchor point to the edge of part I wanted the bend/hinge point at and then rotated.

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But how did you lofted the panels for the whole structure to remain jointed

When you tap on the closed drawing it defaults to the loft. I simply tapped the loft arrow and put in 0.007" about the thickness of cardstock I think.