Paid tutor for a layman needed

I absolutely love the way Shapr3D works on the iPad, especially because it is quite accessible for a layman.

And that is exactly the problem I am running into.

The simplicity of how to use Shapr3D gives me the feeling that I can create anything I want, but because I am a layman, I get to 20% (which is more than I can achieve with for example Fusion 360), but then I get stuck.

It turns out I am an avid board gamer and most of the games come without inserts these days. On the Internet I found a couple of inserts that I printed with my 3D printer.

What I want to learn is:


  • How to create card holders and what would be the right workflow to create a game box inserts like in Thingiverse thing 3714113.

I have searched for tutorials on how to do this in Shapr3D, but what I have found is too vague for me and the rest of the information is not there.

Is there a designer in here that is willing to teach me how to design stuff like stated above through a shared screen? Of course I am willing to pay for your time and knowledge.

If this kind of message is not allowed, my sincere apologies.

Why don’t you share where you get stuck with us? Show us what you have and what you want to achieve. We can offer suggestion and tutorials that help us all learn. We seem to be a pretty good group that way :slightly_smiling_face:

I am retiring at the end of the year… I will have more time for this after then. Well Semi-retiring.

Good point @Oregonerd . That was my first idea as well, but I reckoned that if I could spend a couple of hours with someone to tutor me, it would save a lot of time.
On the other hand, fooling around a getting stuck is the best way to learn, so if no one is willing (or able) to tutor, I guess I will have to badger the forum with my questions :wink:

Search the forum first. Some have posted on making boxes. Myself included. Fun thing is there are several ways to approach it. In the end it’s all about your sketches.