Augmented reality

Hi, i would like to ask about how to use models created in shapr3d in augmented reality. Is there any app, which i can use? Or it is to be planned to implement AR directly in shapr3d?

yes- it’s definitely in our plans.


Yes, I would also like augmented reality in Shapr3D. A quick 2 examples…
I am importing parts from Thingiverse to upgrade my 3D printer. With the new std stl import function. So far works great. I had just one lock up crash where I had to restart the app but other than that it is working great.
I would love to be able to walk over to my 3D printer and see in AR if the parts fit. Less waist in Filament and time printing. And then depending on how actuate it can become scale in real time the dimensions.
Another example.
A current project I am working on. I have a tennis topspin training device. I am designing a replacement part for the one that broke and adding additional supports. I would love to hold it up and supper impose the new part as an overlay to see if it fits. I don’t know if this can be made to be that accurate. But it could get me pretty close.
If you watched some of the past Microsoft keynotes from their developer conference, where they show off the Holo Lens, that’s exactly what they show off. Overlaying a part over the top of something your trying to fix.

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I’d love a direct pipeline to Reality Composer.