Auto-orientation problem

Hello I’m trying to draw on a construction plane that has a projected shape already on it. Every time I double click on the construction plane it automatically orients itself on an angle regardless of the way it’s oriented previously. Can anyone explain this or is it a glitch, it’s not happening on any of my other designs but if I try and import the design to a new page it will do that again.

It looks like the Construction Plane [CP] is behaving as expected.
Tapping on the CP with your Fingers will orient it as shown in the Video.

If you want the Design to be ‘straightened up’ the Body or Bodies need to be rotated with respect to the CP.

Hi, double-clicking on the construction plane brings up 2d view as shown in your video. What orientation will you like to get? You can actually rotate the grid/workspace with two fingers or try out different views by tapping on the view cube at the top of the workspace to select one.

Every time I try and rotate the construction plane in 2d it auto rotates to a 45 degree angle. If I rotate the construction plane or object, it always auto orients to 45 degrees.

If I rotate just the construction plane, and then try and enter 2d it auto-orients to 45 degrees.
Here is a new video of it auto orienting.

Here is another video of me rotating the CP and then trying to orient it.

It is orienting to the Grid.

Firstly you could Hide the CP and see if your Design can be positioned on the Grid the way you desire.

If you want the CP ‘straightened’ up on the Grid select the CP and rotate it:

First hide your Design and you have something like this:

Is this what you want? [Note that deselecting and then reselecting will change the direction of the positioning ‘arrows’ it may make it easier to manoeuvre]:

Perhaps finish up like this?:

Unhide your Design and Select all appropriate Items except the CP.
Transform > Move-Rotate-Scale > use Rotate to position the Design on your repositioned CP.

If I have not understood what you need then please say what you are trying to achieve.