Automatic centering?


So I am trying to make a shell for a half sphere. I have made the two solid half spheres and now need to take the intersection to make the shell. Is there a way to auto center these objects along either x, y or z axis? Same for making things flush?


Not sure I understand, can you post a screenshot?



When you are using the Translate tool, and selecting start and end points, it will snap to the center of the circular faces.


Just tried and that does not seem to be accurate


Yeah, I just tried a bunch and that is definitely not the case


Hmm, if that’s a bug we will fix it with the next release, sorry about that. It should snap to the center.


It would be nice if there were too also for vertical / horizontal alignment, flush or center along a chosen axis.

Then I could just tap object 1 then object 2 select x-axis then align center, and then the problem would be solved


We have completely revisited transforming and aligning bodies, you will like it :slight_smile: