Solved - Automatic centering?

Update from Shapr3d team:
We have just released the new 3d alignment tool feature with the 3.52 app version :partying_face:
This will allow you to simply tap on the body faces to get them snapped together.

Simply update the app and please share your feedback with us.
Here are more details about the feature:

So I am trying to make a shell for a half sphere. I have made the two solid half spheres and now need to take the intersection to make the shell. Is there a way to auto center these objects along either x, y or z axis? Same for making things flush?

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Not sure I understand, can you post a screenshot?

When you are using the Translate tool, and selecting start and end points, it will snap to the center of the circular faces.

Just tried and that does not seem to be accurate

Yeah, I just tried a bunch and that is definitely not the case

Hmm, if that’s a bug we will fix it with the next release, sorry about that. It should snap to the center.

It would be nice if there were too also for vertical / horizontal alignment, flush or center along a chosen axis.

Then I could just tap object 1 then object 2 select x-axis then align center, and then the problem would be solved

We have completely revisited transforming and aligning bodies, you will like it :slight_smile:

As a new user of Shapr3D that is baffled by the inability to align objects to each other’s faces, to each other’s middles, and edges - can you link to the “completely revisited” transforming and aligning of bodies that you mentioned here? I would like to learn how to align bodies, it seems oddly difficult and I’m sure I am making the mistake but all these threads I keep finding do not have solutions or tutorials that make sense.

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Hi there,

I was looking for a way to center, left, right align objects with each other like you can do in most other applications. The build in align functionality is not really made for this and I was wondering how people to it. I cannot even seem to be able to center objects on a construction pane or axis.

In the examples above all extrusions have been made from 2d scetches but because its a wheel all parts should be centered with each other on the x axis.

Please support. Thanks!

Use the translate tool. The end point will snap to the requested center of the desired circle

Im not trying to center the cylinders on thier small sides - thats easy as they are drawn in 2d and already centered. Im trying to center the cylinders lengthwise. They all have different total lengths.

Align the faces , then move on the axis as you want…