Solved - How to align shapes or bodies?

Update from Shapr3d team:
We have just released the new 3d alignment tool feature with the 3.52 app version :partying_face:
This will allow you to simply tap on the body faces to get them snapped together.

Simply update the app and please share your feedback with us.
Here are more details about the feature:

Dear fellow-shaprs,

unfortunately I‘ll confront you with another question, that hasn‘t been answered so far…

I‘m lost in aligning midpoints of shapes or e.g. the midpoint of a line with the cornerpoint of a shape.
As soon as I use the move or translate tool the midpoint and corner markers vanish. And if I rely on snapping to the grid it will only work when the endpoint lies on the grid.

Do I have to sketch the second shape from the beginning into the right place and use constraints to define its position or how can an alignment be achieved afterwards?

In post from 2018 it was announced that improved snap to features will be included. Did it already happen, or what is to come?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dennis,

I never created an iPad video before, but after reading the tutorial Apple made, I’m sure I‘ll get it done.

The video should be done in the course of this day…

The problem I‘m relating to is reproducible easily. Draw a rectangle and afterwards draw a smaller triangle outside of the rectangle. As long as I‘m not in any tool I can select a shape and mid-/endpoints are visible.
My goal is to get the midpoint of one triangle-side to perfectly align with the corner of the rectangle (yes, it‘s the startingpoint for a thread :slight_smile: ).

Unfortunately as soon as I use the translate or move-tool the midpoints vanish and I have to eyeball the positioning.

Cheers Chris


Hi Dennis,

yes, the thread created by @Larry has some of my problems included.
Sketches have midpoints, bodies seemingly not and when sketches are selected they loose their midpoints for the tool-action to come :frowning:

Every time I draw the triangle directly into the rectangle I got (for me) unpredictable shifting of lines due to the constraints I‘m setting.
I‘ll finally manage to get everything right, but in this process the positioning of my sketch on the grid may have been altered.

I‘m pretty sure that the main problem sits in front of the screen, but my approach in designing is still mainly influenced by visual design.

Nevertheless I still hope that aligning sketches and bodies may become easier with advanced snapping options.

Cheers Chris

That’s interesting!!! I have all snap to options off … I have mid point and center on … I found the snap on grid too cumbersome and counter productive for myself…

We all have our preferences and most importantly it’s what works best for you and your creativity…

I’ll really throw an iron in the works … I would prefer to doodle without any grid lines!!! :crazy_face:

At least maybe have the option available sometime in the future to turn off the grid lines? :sunglasses:

In that case, what would indicate the position of the sketch plane? Btw you can turn off grid snapping, I am not sure if you are aware of that.

Ah, OK, great.

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Yes, I’ve turned off the snapping … I personally would like to be able to hide the grid lines completely … that’s just my preference … I’m getting used to them, I’m just not accustomed to having them… :sunglasses:

Normally I’ve turned on the grid-anchoring or snapping :slight_smile:
The problem arises if a mid- or endpoint doesn’t fall onto the grid (above a certain magnification working isn‘t efficient anymore).

@Istvan when can we expect advanced snapping options and what is to come?

Cheers Chris

For what it’s worth, I generally start a doodle with an x and y reference line which also establishes zero. Everything from there on out is dimensioned from that home position of x and y which creates a zero at the intersection…

For visual concepts … forget all that stuff and doodle away freely and unconstrained by any rules… :sunglasses:


But endpoints or midpoints don’t snap on another - even with the grid turned off…

I‘ll have a look…
How do you move the sketches to have the points snap on another?

Cheers Chris

What other snapping options would you like to see?

Hi Istvan,

snapping to midpoints of lines and closed shapes would be great - those points are shown in sketch-mode so they should already be defined.

Cheers Chris


ahh ok, it’s the thing with the two arrows and box on my version :frowning:

As I said in another thread - the old way with selecting points and dragging them with the pencil is so much more intuitive than those arrows…
But I’ll see how I can get used to them.

Cheers Chris

Hi Chris, I’m new to Shapr3d so maybe I’m just not finding the youtube/tutorial video about aligning bodies/shapes but I connect very well with your confusion and issues in this thread from early last year, would it be possible for you to explain how you solved it? Reading this thread it feels like you have a perfectly simple problem, then a whole bunch of complicated suggestions, and then it seems to have been resolved?

Thanks for any clarity.



Hi Lou,

I think the developers managed to get the magnetic snapping to work.
Typically you would define a point on a face by normal restrictions (i.e. drawing lines, defining distances, etc.) and then you can move a body and snap e.g. a midpoint to another defined point…
Moving requires the use of the little arrows - the earlier versions didn’t have them and you could manipulate/move a chosen point directly.

Cheers Chris

Thank you! I’ve been impressed with the changes I’ve seen in just a few weeks. It seems as though this app truly does just continue to power ahead and be stronger each time.

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Thank you thank you :slight_smile: we are working really hard to make Shapr3D better every single week.