New release - 3.52 - Align tool

Good morning, everyone!

We’re introducing our brand-spanking new Align tool: with this new feature, you can align 3D bodies in your design space in a split second, without juggling a handful of other tools (like Translate). With very little effort, you can transform and rearrange objects any way you want.

Align is simple and smart. Just select the faces, edges, or snap points of 3D objects that you want to align, and the tool will take care of the rest for you.
Once you’ve repositioned the 3D bodies, you can still make some changes and reorient them:

Download the latest version of the app to play around with the Align tool. And if you need any pointers on how to use this tool, hop over to our support post.


Nice to see progress. Will check it out. Thanks




Thank you for this really excellent Tool.
Who needs Translate:

Just 10 steps:


For me very important the translate tool for align 2d sketches!
I use it for align in special tangent points.

Sorry for causing you concern, because the New Align Tool only functions with Bodies I was thinking purely about Bodies and still on a high from using this exciting new tool.

I think that it is highly unlikely that the Shapr3D Team would make any disruptive changes to the Translate Tool. When multiple fastenings need to be positioned in a Body it seems Translate may still be the tool of choice?

This is cool!
Was expecting a feature like this!


Awesome implementation! Thanks for listening!