Back up my whole library at once?


After the “blip” in services yesterday, my heart literally fell out thinking I’d lost my entire catalogue of work from 2022.

It was at that point I realised that I needed to create a hard copy of my entire library onto an external drive.

The problem I have is that I now have to export each design by calling it up and transferring the data manually, on design at a time.

Considering how many designs I have - including full models, ones pulled down into their component parts and all the other relevant native data and technical drawings - I found this to be a hugely time consuming task.

Is there a way, or would it be possible to introduce a feature where the entire app can be backed up to an external drive with a single click?

I can’t help but think that not only for peace of mind, but just the convenience of such a feature would be a huge benefit to all users.

Is this a good idea or am I being a little optimistic (or even pessimistic!) ?

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Hi @Bates , I sincerely apologize for the outage yesterday. Our users’ data was not impacted, and if you are using Sync already, your data is backed up regularly the safest possible way on the world’s most reliable cloud service. The server outage we had yesterday impacted our account management server, which made it impossible for some users to use Shapr3D for about 90 minutes. We’ve identified the cause of the issue and we are working on making sure that this will never happen again. Unfortunately not even a batch data export feature would’ve helped in this case. That being said, a batch export feature would make sense due to other reasons.


Hi @Istvan, I very much appreciate the reply. Please don’t think I’m dishearten by your product, I’m certainly not!

….and then….almost immediately after typing my original post, my Windows machine started syncing all data from my iPad……very impressive!

Keep up the great work, Shapr3D……it just gets better!