ICloud Backup/Exporting


My iPad is damaged and I need to replace it. I am making sure that all my important files are backed up before I replace it. I have not found a way to export multiple files at once or even export them from the “Designs” page. Is the only way to export really one file at a time? I have a bunch of files. Is there a way to backup everything to iCloud or some other drive? Or do a mass export?

I searched for this topic, but the results seemed to be old, so I decided to make a new thread.

Thank you!


there is an easier way, courtesy of Apple- we don’t have our own solution yet: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301

Can we please get auto-backup to iCloud! I put too much time into a model to loose it; and itunes is never launched on my Mac as I use music.youtube and iCloud backup as my harness. TIA