Basic question sorry so basic:)

I’m drawing of some lathe form cutting tools to send to Wire EDM shop. The contours that the form tools will cut are in my drawings of my parts. I only need to cut out certain sections (splines) of the drawing and copy them into another drawing which becomes the form tool.

I have searched every article to find out how to simply cut out a section of a spline and copy it. It should be something like intersect, bi-sect, sever, or something that will cut a spline into two parts.

I’m pretty sure the app can do it so I’m sorry if this is a super basic question. If there were a manual it would be nice. I read all articles in the “manual” that came up in searches and none of them covered this.
Thanks in advance for any help

Duplicate the spline then you can draw a line crossing the spline and use the trim command to delete one side of the original spline and the other side of the duplicate spline. There are possibly better methods but that is what I do