How copy a spline ? ˆˆ

Hi everyone :grin::v:my name is Theo, I’m a young passioned of design ans technoloy. My speciality is to imagine the form factor of futurs phone, tablets and computers :relieved:

Before Shapr3D on iPad I used Sketchup on my MacBook Pro.

Now I create this topic for discover how copy a curve line for create the rounded corner of a smartphone corner ?

Create the four differents corner at the same size and angle is really hard.
I’d like to find a solution to easily duplicate the four corner !

Thank so much at all :kissing_heart:

For the context : this is one of my very first project, and I’d like create the three others corner at the same size, angle and shape :relieved:

How integrate photos on my post ?
It doesn’t work whenI try :face_with_monocle:

I’m passionned by the design but I’m completely beginner :relieved: