Cut model into smaller sections to print separately?

Is there an easy way to cut a full scale model into sections that fit in a printable bed that is small.

For example: I have currently modeled an ipad pro case with an apple pencil holder in it. Upon export it does not fit in my slicing program due to the size of the case. It just wont print. Is there a way to cut the full model into 4 smaller sections that can later be assembled? The idea would be simply cutting the model down straight lines then adding union groooves while seperate for later union after the parts have been printed.

Currently there’s no direct way to do it, I think. But you can get this done in 1-2 mins.

What you have to do is:

  • make a copy of your model / workspace just to be sure
  • create the lines you want to cut them along
  • turn those lines into a planar face
  • from the planar phase, exture a cube
  • tap on the number icon and set it to “Intersect”

This will give you only the parts that is intersecting with the iPad Pro case + the cube you just created.

Also, what you can do is to have your ipad pro case model open. Place 4 big cubes that are touching and overlapping with the model. And use the Intersect tool to cut it into pieces. It can be done in a few seconds literally, 1-2 mins max.

I can do a video on how to do it, if you need it.

Thanks for your quick reply. That soubds just like what I need. I hate to bother but a video would be ideal as well.


Sure, give us time to make a video of it and we’ll post it here shortly.

Find the brief video below, showing how to cut your model into smaller pieces. I made a quick iPad Pro case just to show you the workflow.

  1. Create the Case.
  2. Create a sketch (the one your created the 3D case from, or draw a new one), and separate it into distinguishable pieces - Make sure the sketch and the soon to be extruded shape entirely intersects your desired piece
  3. Make as many copies of your Case and the sketch on top of it, as many parts you want to end up with for the printing
  4. Extrude the pieces separately, in each sketch/case copy
  5. Go to Tools/Intersect and select the Case and the Extruded piece
  6. Do this for all your pieces
  7. In the end, use the Translate tool to move the pieces together.

Here is the video to help you out:

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Thanks so much. Great video. Lastly I cannot find a way to export it partially to import into printer. Or duplicating wokspace to do the same.

We are just adding a way to export multiple items at the same time. It will probably be included in the next major app release. It will save a lot of exporting time.

Until that release, just do what @roboticshobbyist suggested. Hide the groups you don’t need, and export the elements that are visible. Then unhide + hide and continue this way.