Beginner Tutorial

Hi - I am a complete Noob to 3D modeling software but thought it a good idea to better describe some 3D printing parts I’d like my son to make.

I am working through the tutorials, which I like but stuck on this one. When I try to draw the line from the origin, it tries to do an area selection rather than a line. Also the little view icon in the top left is missing. This is despite me selecting ‘front’ in the menu to select 2d mode. Is there a simple solution?

I am using an iPadPro with an Apple Pencil and on the basic intro version of the program at the moment.


Hi Paul,

I guess you start drawing too slowly, if you hold the pencil in one place on the screen it starts the area selection after a short time. Simply start drawing from the origin sooner, it should work. If it still doesn’t, please contact our support team and they will take a deeper look.


Thanks. I think that’s what it is. I can’t dwell at the start point otherwise area selection starts. I need to be quicker!



I still have the same problem after using the app for a couple of years. That’s why I find using Shapr on my Mac easier to do.


I like to go as fast as I can but as slow as necessary. The problem I have when sketching too fast is the start point isn’t where I want it, resulting in undo and ret-try. Another 50-100 milliseconds in the delay would not slow the area selection down very much. Personally, I sketch hundreds (thousands?) times more than I area select.

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