Hi there

I’m looking to design some kitchen cabinets, I’ve used sketchup for this in the past and am happy with the results. Moving onto Shapr3d seems like an obvious move as I can use it during lunch and free time. My problem is I can’t even get going! I’m looking for some real basic tutorials. I’m trying to draw a rectangle that is 3-4m sq as my kitchen floor, it’s impossible!

I know it’s not really but I can’t figure it out!



Here is what you have to do:

1.draw a line
2.draw 3 other lines connected to each other, and create a closed sketch (it doesn’t have to be perfect first, just make sure it looks square-ish :slight_smile: ) one of the lines. A dimension label will pop up.
4.tap on the dimension, and put in 3 as your dimension (make sure you are using the correct unit system by setting it in Units: )
5. Select all the lines, and give them a horizontal/vertical constraint in the Constraints menu (
6. You are done :slight_smile:

Here how it looks like using the grid:

Here is an example on how to create a triangle with a set of constraints:

That’s great thanks, I’m getting there now, made some shapes, I just need to link them together now…


Thanks for your help here, I’m hoping I can design a kitchen using this app, is this possible or would it just be used for sketching ideas? I am struggling a bit as I can’t seem to group shapes, or link them together at certain points, also, is there a measure facility?


Currently you can group 3D objects. 2D sketches (which are on the same plane) are grouped automatically.

You can see exact measurements of sketches when you enter sketching mode or at the bottom of the screen at the info panel.