Wall Cabinet Design

Is anyone using Shapr3D to design cabinets and do you have any insight or even just images you could share? I have dabbled with Sketchup and I’m dabbling my way through Shapr3D now but with regards to the latter, there are not many sources of instructional material that specifically show the process of how Shapr3D can be used to model up a wall of cabinets or built-ins.

Some specifics I am wondering about begins with just starting the basics design… I have been just drawing rectangles and using offset, extrude feature to create what looks like a cabinet box… but it’s not really something that is modeling how the parts are really assembled. So, it’s kind of useful for showing a customer but for actually coming up with a part list and working out how things are actually put together not so much… admittedly, I am only just starting to explore the instructional material but none of it really seems to relate to how a cabinetmaker thinks through a design. Most of what I find is aimed at how engineers or product designers work up their models.

I suggest that you model the material used in construction.
S3D can manipulate the results just as you can.
Form the material ‘cut’ [lengthen or shorten] as required and Transform > Move it into position.

Play with this, e.g., copy the left hand panel and move it across to the right:

CabinetInConstruction.shapr (2.3 MB)

Any problems just ‘shout’ :sunglasses:


I work with a lot of door and millwork parts. I usually sketch the dimension of my stock, either door stiles and rails, or plywood parts, extrude and adjust to finished size. Then copy them, possible rotate them, and “assemble” the parts. The Translate command is very useful for positioning corners flush together. I usually end up with a ‘library of parts off to the side of the workspace, drawing from that by copying as required. You can also duplicate the complete workspace into a new design and delete the parts you don’t need.

Check out some of the tutorials and webinar recordings around furniture that have been produced here. That may be of some help to you.


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Thank you for the help… so you both mention building my projects by creating the individual parts I would cut and assemble. Makes sense.

Starting slowly but I am getting a better idea. I need to develop a good process of cataloging parts to use over on multiple projects.

P.s. I can’t figure out how to open that Shapr3D file. I am viewing the forum on my iPad and their is an option to “open” the associated file linked but nothing actually opens for me.

Copy the shapr. File to a place where you can Import from in S3D.

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Ok… I will access the forum on Mac later. I was trying to just use the forum from within S3D app.

Should be able to do this on the iPad. Can you walk us through the save and then open in S3D process? Doesn’t work for me. Thank you.

@Ton80 + @Bill
Sorry Guys Copying the Link provided results in:


This pastes into a Text File within Files, obviously useless for the purpose intended.

I raised a couple of Posts, via the Forum, regarding the oddities of shapr. File behaviour but did not get any response.

On the Mac I Right Selected the Link, chose Copy the Link, Pasted that into Finder > iCloud Drive,
used iCloud to Upload it into a File that was convenient to Import from in S3D.
Talk about round the houses? If iCloud Drive was working properly it should not need to be Uploaded.
I did notice at some point Clicking on the File when it was within iCloud Drive on the iPad opened it in S3D.
I will call attention to this so that the situation can be simplified or replaced with something more acceptable.

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That’s what happened to me to and why I asked the question. Tried saving into Dropbox, into my iPad files, and several others.

Trying to cut my dependence on the laptop completely. S3D helps, along with DWGFastView. Having a look at a few apps to render.



These were the Posts I referred to above:


Accepting that there are limitations with what Apple can do with iOS/iPadOS regarding Files, so it is not all in S3D’s bag.
I have made a request for this situation ti be Reviewed and responded to.

Yes I have experienced not being able to directly in S3D open from files. So the obvious answer is to open S3D and then import, if you can find your way down any folder/file trees you may have set up in Files.

@Bill + @Ton80
Daniel od Shapr3D Team kindly provided a Link :+1:, the original was very pro looking but I just could not capture all of it and the end result looked messy, so this is just a plain version:

RPReplay_Final1578665673.MP4 (video)

My MO to get to shapr. Files moved from Forum to S3D App is very similar.
I found that Tap + Hold, on the Forum Link to be awkward but importantly you have to wait for the Pop Up Menu to choose Copy [testing this from the Preview as I am typing this up it worked flawlesly and there are now a flock of CabinetInConstruction.shapr 1; 2 3; etc:]. You may have slightly different experiences, so please do add them here for all to see :sunglasses::+1:
When the Video Page opens Tap on the Red Button at the Top Right.
Getting there :sunglasses:

Regarding Files, it is quite involved to set up a system that you can easily and efficiently access any particular Design or Component of a Design. In my view it is well worth doing.


Thanks for the screen recording… finally see now.