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Sorry for question

Sorry guys I have 2 questions … the first what is the magnet on the bottom of the work area and the second most important I can’t run “free” curved lines or freehand if we want … how?


The magnet on the button turns on and off the grid snap. With grid snaps your lines will automatically snap to the grid, making modeling easier. You can also turn it off, if you want bigger freedom. This video might help

As for freehand sketching; it is not possible.

This is what I can’t do

This is a spline. We have written an article about it here:

  1. Start off with drawing a line, but instead of lifting your Pencil, apply pressure (push it down until you hear, see a click).

  2. Without lifting your Pencil, continue to draw the line, you will notice, that a relation has been created between the control point you have just made and the line.

  3. Add multiple control points (applying pressure a little, and then continue drawing the line without lifting your Pencil)

  4. When finished, lift your Pencil

Thanks for your assistance here, I am confused as to the scope of this application, I am trying to design kitchen cabinets and furniture, from what I can see this is entirely what the app is about but basic functionality is evading me!

I don’t think I am asking anything that the app can’t do, I just want a basic tutorial that will show me how to draw geometric shapes, then group them, then link them together to make a cabinet. A measuring facility would also be good!

Can you tell me if I’m on the right app or if I need to use something else?

Thanks, sorry to be such a noob!

You should be able to design a kitchen cabinet or furniture in Shapr3D.

First, you need to create 2D sketches and make 3D objects from those 2 shapes using our push-pull (aka extrude) funcionality.

Did you go through the tutorials in the app and on the website as well?

These can help you understand how Shapr3D works. Also, you can post a picture of what you want to model and we might be able to help you.

Maybe a video instructional can be created specifically aimed at cabinet makers. I think there are a fair number of us that would love to really understand how Shapr3D can be used for our design, material lists and demo for clients. Most of the instructional info I’ve stumbled onto deals with more engineering or product type development. I have been pecking my way through the free version but I think what would really sell me would be an instructional that shows me the things we care most about…

i.e. rabbet plywood backs, joinery, creating cabinet doors, adding moulding details based on real profiles we can obtain DXF files of from most lumber yards. etc. I know all of this probably exists but not as it relates to the specific tasks and how a cabinetmaker approaches designing a project.

Hi - we are working on expanding our tutorials. Until then, here are three webinars that might interest you:

Working with McMaster-Carr:
Manufacturing furniture:
Cabinet concepting:

Hope these help - we are working on new materials


Thank you… I missed two of those so I’ll check them out and I’m glad you’re possibly working on material suited to cabinetmakers… at least that is what I read between the lines :wink:

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I think the more you work with either the free or subscription version, the more comfort you will have with finding the methods and flow that work for your application. As woodworkers we have some of the simplest forms to work with, panels, mouldings, various joinery methods (rebate, dowel, tongue and groove) with a lot of right angles. Occasional curves. Much easier than some of the gears, spirals and mechanical parts we can see offers up on this forum. There is some incredible work being done with this app in all disciplines. Really inspiring.

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