Best Way For Modeling Individual Parts?

Hello, I’ve used Shapr3D for a little bit and enjoy the program. I wanted to start a new project but a thought in the back of mind kept coming up. Since I want to 3D print this (if that’s not supported, I guess I’m wasting my time), I would have to make several parts to make a whole. But I’m wondering how I would do that. Should I first model my entire idea, then try to make individual parts from there? Or should I try with individual first and try to piece them together? I’m more so afraid of them not piecing together correctly.

Shapr3D is excellent for creating models for 3D printing. For large objects, there’s always been a way to divide the parts, however, in a relatively recent update, there is a new function called Split model. You create planes and separate your object into the appropriate size for printing components.


Thank you, I feel silly I hadn’t checked out the new features. Regardless, I thank you again