Better Lofts

It is possible that you add a command that the transition between the beginning from the loft is smooth shaped like the origin surface and goes perfect over in the other shape? I will show you on my previous try the sharp transition that i want behave to a smooth transition.

Hope you can add some features in the future.

Yes. We are adding more and more parameters to every command with the introduction of history based nodeling. Loft transitions is one of the planned improvements.


Thank you for your fast answer. I appreciate that.
That missing function would safe so much time. At the moment i can get nearly smooth transition by adding two more sketching planes with a nearly shape like the origin of the loft. But i got even some irritations on the loft surface itself. Would be great to use Shapr to mastering the full design process and use it for customer quality glasses only designed on an iPad without any compromise or use other programs! If i got a good repeatability in my design process in the future i would be glad to got an enterprise subscription in the future if i starting a business next year.

When you expected to release a final version of the history based parametric modeling feature?

The final release will be available before the end of the year. That may or may not include the loft transitions - but we’ll try to do our best to ship it as quickly as possible.

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