Lounge chair

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Nice! I love the color and it’s organic legs!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
It was quite complicated to make, but fun!

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Which part was complicated? Is there any feature that would have helped you during the design process?

It would be easier if you could follow a spline when you do a loft, I mean if the difference sketches that make a loft could follow a spline/curvature, like a guideline
And ofcourse add/remove points and merge lines together that would be really great :+1:t2:

We are currently making improvements on loft, I’ll discuss with the team if we could do something regards to that in a future release.


Sounds great, I really appreciate Shapr

Firstly love your work.

I agree to be able to loft with changes along a spline would be great. I have a feeling I would get a lot of use from that feature.



Thanks Paul,

I think so to,
much better precision and saves us a lot of time :+1:t2:

Nice work how long did it take to make this in Shapr3d… Is it longer to do time wise than regular cad programs if you have the same ability?

very nice work. finally not only editing basic geometric objects but free modelling. could there be some video how it was done?