Bissell Hand Vac Holder

I am working on practical models for home use that can be sold for a small price and reprinted by people with printers. I am interested in starting a market place for models dedicated to home.

I imagine a day when we all have a “printer appliance" in our homes where we can printer most of our daily needs, like combs, hair clips, hangers etc.

This model is for a rather expensive hand vac we had to purchase while on the road that did not come with a holder so that can be mounted in a cabinet out of sight. Quick and simple with Shapr.

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Also holds the 3 accessories that came with.


Thanks … I guess??? I had just finally convinced myself (about a month ago) to spend a big chunk of my woodworking hobby budget on a Shapr3D license, and now you’ve made me really, really want to spend even more on a 3D printer. :joy:

Mind sharing a few details on your setup. Is that a Raspberry PI I see?

Yes it’s a Pi b3+ running the latest Octoprint. My first print with it. Great inexpensive addon for the benefits. The Pi Cam leaves a little to be desired. Probably upgrade that soon.

I can sit inside and monitor it out in my tiny shop. I have the Spaghetti app running. If it detects a print fail it shuts down.

I added a fan and thermal switch to the extruder motor, it gets to about 170f normal operation. Now, never above 90f and it’s auto on/off.

There are a couple of laser cutter mods out there. I might try that in the future. They start at about $300 us.

I will use the Pi to monitor another thermal switch in case of runaway heat/ print fail. There is a Pi plugin for that.

I am also toying with adding/developing a fire extinguisher mod so I can print unattended and not worry about leaving the premises.

A good solid bench is a must for the printer. Building it from a kit is also a must. You gain knowledge you will need later for maintenance.

Now I just need a bigger printer! One that prints metals too! I am going to have to rob a bank soon :unamused: Hobbies suck! Suck you in, that is.

One last thing. I recommend getting a router that is made with iOT in mind. I have many iOT “things”. Keep your networks separate.

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Thanks. Yup, the RPi’s are incredibly useful, and very inexpensive for the power you get.

Absolutely agree about building as much as possible from a kit. The knowledge gained is invaluable. I still miss Heathkit from 30 or 40 years ago. I built a TV, oscilloscope, digital multi-meter, even a computer and many other useful items.

That is actually what attracts me to 3D printing. It seems like the field is still young enough to benefit from the Maker/Hacker community. Also why I will probably go with Prusa when I finally take the plunge.

Absolutely agree about iOT security (and perhaps even performance) considerations with a router. Before I retired, one of my primary responsibilities was network security. It’s a dangerous world out there and very, very few manufacturers take that into account until after they’ve been burned.

Heathkits, Those were the days.

what do you mean by that? I’m setting up my workshop with a creality and vynil cutter/plotter and have no clue about how to set up the network.
what do you use the Rasperry Pi for?

I am using the Gryphon router now. It’s relatively easy to use. It allows separate networks. So far a pretty good router.

It uses a phone app for authentication of devices trying to connect to your network. I can allow or block devices.

You set 1 network for PCs tablets, phones and another for other devices. Kind of like guest network.

The Raspberry Pi allows me to run Octoprint. Octoprint is a custom Pi operating system made for 3D printer that lets me watch my print process through a camera and control my printer remotely from anywhere. Pretty neat stuff.

I use a RPI and octopi with octodash, and when I use simplify3d it auto sends the gcode to the device.

Been a great experience using Shapr3D, then send to simplify, octoprint to my cr6-se. ( and to any of my 4 3d printers and cnc machines or laser cutter ).

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Adding a custom case with touch screen in the future. Octodash looks good. Thanks for the info.

I’ve been printing these lately. I am using TPU S95 for the flexible and PLA+ for the hanger and pin/

I put the Shapr3D project I drew here:


Need to get some TPU. Expensive stuff.

I pay about the same as PLA/PETG. : tpu filament

I’ve been making lots of custom phone cases with it so that has been fun too.