3D printers

What kind of printer do you suggest for home?



There are multiple elements you should consider:

  • your budget
  • printer size
  • technology
  • your experience
  • what you want to use it for

There are many printers in the $400 to $1,000 range. And many that are more expensive. With lower price, you usually get much lower quality. But for starting out, it could make sense to buy a cheaper version. And upgrade as you progress.

Mostly people initially print using a vegetable based plastic called PLA. This is easy to use, but fairly “primitive”. There are other technologies and materials that are more advanced (like resins with Formlabs’ Form2).

I usually recommend peopel to google a local 3D printing hub / store in their city (This one is Budapest: https://www.facebook.com/fabrikacios.laboratorium/). You can contact these places and try out their 3D printers. For a few dollars, you can print out some models and see how the printers work in action, if you are satisfied with the results, etc. It’s usually a good idea to test a few technologies, printers and get a better understanding on the pros and cons.

Ultimaker is a good choice though, I can also recommend that as well. That machine is in the $2-3K range though.

Hey Gabor,

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I started with this printer:

GEEETECH Impresora 3D de madera Prusa I3 Pro W Kit de bricolaje con WIFI Cloud, Tamaño de impresión 200x200x180mm Soporte para conexión Wi-Fi, Aplicación EasyPrint 3D

I gave it to the school and the company lowered the price I currently have.

Geeetech A30 Potencia de código Abierto de Pantalla táctil de 3,2 Pulgadas Que reanuda la Impresora 3D

ANYCUBIC I3 MEGA is a really good option in my opinion.