Blown Away by Shapr3d Deck Design IRL

I’ve used a plethora of 3d software, from RayDream Studio, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Rhino3d. The interface on the ipad with the pencil is so damned intuitive that I was able to create a new deck design for my house.


I used the drawings function to create all of the necessary blueprints. Anytime I had a question about measurements, I’d just create a new drawing of the detail I was looking for.


All the way down to footer placement and grade elevations.



Nice work!



Very nice. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please be sure to post pictures again when everything is ready.

I have been considering this for our back yard. We have a very large slope under our existing deck. I see your yard is relatively flat but how did you account for the grade elevations?

To get accurate grade measurements I used a laser level and started my drawing by creating the footers (sized to code for my beam size and joist size). I then moved those below the X and Z planes to the required depth. That way when I created the post objects the height to beam was determined at the 0 elevation on the y axis. That’s how long I cut my posts. I was surprised how level everything was when framed.

very nice. Now I just need to wait and see if lumber ever becomes affordable again

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I wish I would have waited another month! It’s definitely cheaper now than it was in June.