Bodies going off plane when rotated

I’m having a problem rotating these bodies on a plane. I’m new to the forum so I can only add one attachment so I put everything in one design.
I build the 6 bodies like in A. Then I selected 5 of them like in B and moves the curser to the corner. This is a top plane view so I should only be able to see on rotation arrow. But there are three. And sure enough when you rotate them they go askew. I’ve tried this multiple times and every now and then I’ll get the single arrow for rotation. Any thoughts?

Reposition the transformation center point by dragging it to the grid. It forces the gizmo to reorient and use the world coordinate system rather than using the a point of your selection.

Yes but when I Go back to have the point of rotation on the actual corner it goes back to three arrow orientation.

This topic was answered in a support ticket, but for the record:

The direction of the gizmo always snaps to the direction of the edge it is attached to. If a constant reference is necessary during the design, some sketches could be super helpful: