Minor rotational adjustments to a Model

I’m working my way through the tutorials and found that while one piece of my model is locked to the origin, the other symmetrical part is roughly .01cm on the y axis instead of 0 as it should be. I’m trying to adjust this, but with the pivot point locked at 0,0 I’m finding that I’m unable to rotate by anything but a known degree that I type in.

Additionally, if I adjust the view so I can see the offending gap, I can no longer manipulate the rotate controls.

Is there a way to rotate a whole selection of bodies until a point “snaps” to another point?

Hello, with the Align tool you can align bodies to reference sketches without knowing the angle of the rotation like in the video below:

The first indent is not clear for me, if you could upload a screenshot or a video with some description, that would be great

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

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