Body height

Up until recently, I was using tinker cad for a lot of my modeling. There are a handful of features they have that you might want to think about implementing down the line.

One of which is seeing the full dimensions of a shape. Currently on an object I can only get it to tell me the width across from either face but not the height. It would be nice that when you double tap the object it gives you all 3 dimensions at once.

Currently all I can get is this:

Hello, if you tap to select any vertical edge of the body, the app displays the height of the selected edge. Also you can select two parallel edges to see the vertical distance(height) between them.

It appears to show it at the very bottom but no round boxes with arrows like for the width/length.

In these cases, a workaround can be tap to select the top face of the body to get the arrow and dimension label. You can then tap on the dimension label to set a new body height value.

Some of the models work but this particular one doesn’t display the dimension label. I suspect it’s because in the first photo it didn’t have a “top” and now it’s a bit slanted on top and not flat. This might need to be something added in the future. Only having something work if it’s parallel to the the bottom or has a “top” seems odd.

Okay makes sense. I will pass on your feedback to our development team. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi - you are right. In these cases you can Project the body on to a planar surface. This way you can get the height of the body. Not the cleanest workaround but does the job :slight_smile: