How to measure height/lengths of objects & bodies

When I select an object or extruded body I have no data as to their widths or heights/etc. I can see surface area and volume, but no additional dims. How can I quickly measure something (or several things) in the environment?

In uMake they have a really handy and quick lasso tool that automatically provides dims once you select something or multiple things. How do I do this in Shapr3D?


I discovered a single tap will disclose radius and if I change to a 3D view I can manage to tap to the top of the cylinder to get its height? Are there view rules to achieving measurements?

Was unable to get a height measurement on the box. Only width and length. Seems very tap-frenzy to get the measurement I want. Anything but a smooth experience. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Jared,
I tap an upper edge and the corresponding lower edge. This shows the distance (aka height) of the two edges in the info row at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately I still haven’t found a swift method for changing the length of a body without cutting out a section, translating one part to a specific distance and re-connecting them via extrusion of one cut-face…

Cheers Chris

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Thanks that worked!


If you select one of the surface (not only the edge) of the cylinder , you can set the height in the little pop up window

Hello A.,

on simple bodies this works fine - you can readjust the height via the control box as you described or you can simply push one face in or out to your specific measurement.
The problem arises when you try to adjust the dimensions of some tapered body, especially if you derived it from revolving a sketch so that it isn’t constructed out of simple geometric bodies.

For my adapter I could identify an uniform part that could be cut and shifted to achieve different lengths without the hassle of tapered structures, but this was just luck.

Cheers Chris

This is how you can measure objects in Shapr3D: