Cannot set exact length

My app recently auto updated to this version. I’m on an M1 iPad Pro.
I can no longer set an exact dimension on a simple body. I have a rectangular solid with length of 0.6. I want to set it to 0.5. I used to be able to select the white double arrow and type a length. No longer works. This version also auto shows the length with a boxed dimension and overall length arrows. Cannot select it to make my desired dimension. How can I extrude the body to an exact length?

Hi Mike,

You always seem to get the new version before anyone else! Thanks for wringing out the bugs!! :rofl:

If you have a keyboard attached, try hitting the tab key.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the tip and your reply. I do have the Magic Keyboard. Selecting the Tab key does work however I cannot set it as a total length as before. I have either add or subtract a value.
So far, I was able to do everything using the Apple Pencil. Now in order to get the exact length, I have to use the keyboard Tab key first. I shouldn’t have to. Frustrating. Also, I don’t know why the initial dimension is shown. If I select a 2nd face, the displayed dimension disappears. I find it in the way to start with. @Peter_Gy, please pipe in and clarify the reasoning.

On a side note, I do find it laggy when double tapping a body when the Items List is visible. Hide the Items List and double tapping is a breeze. Do you know of a keyboard shortcut to Hide/Unhide the Items List?

Thanks again, Mike

BTW, although this is a (partial) solution, I’m not clicking on it to close out this thread…yet.

I just stumbled onto this. It needs to be included in the keyboard hints, @Peter_Gy


I totally agree that the Apple Pencil should be able to do everything.

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Thanks for finding that shortcut. I looked all over and couldn’t find anything. One of the strengths of Shapr3D is it’s ease of use on the iPad combining workspace navigation with the fingers and everything else with the Pencil. The only time I set the Pencil down is to type in a name when exporting or importing.

Too bad the shortrcut requires 3 keys to press! I was hoping for a single keypress. In order for me to use the shortcut I have put the Pencil down to do so (I’m a lefty). I will have to settle using the Pencil or my right thumb on the upper right corner of the screen. Would be nice if the Items button stayed in the corner as when the Items List is closed. It moves to the left when the List is open. All these little details affect what could be a seamless workflow.

Well, it could be worse, if the shift key was used ;-\ My muscle memory is learning to schmush the option-cmd with my thumb then press the S with finger. It’s not much more than hitting cmd-z. :crazy_face: :grimacing: :tired_face:

And there are many more little details. As much as I like to see new features, I’d really like to see some more polish on the UI/UX.