Obtaining dimensions of endresult projected sketch over a 3D body?

Hey gang, in the attached video, you see two highlighted elements: one floating on its own is the sketch shape, the other is the sketched shape projected onto my main object (the helmet).

Is there a way I can get the “length” dimensions of this flat projected sketch on the helmet?

The sketched part projected onto the helmet is essentially a spot for the brand to sew their logo patch into the helmet, but I’m not quite sure how or even if I can pull the rough length dimension from it, as that specific dimension of this elements seems to be the most distorted / have the largest degree of change from the projected sketch.

I need to mockup a patch design inside of a separate program, so eyeballing these dimensions is a little awkward to do here. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


You can get the length of the edges with the Measurements tool. Just select the edges and the sum length will be shown.