Body won't extrude

So I’m currently working on designing a new logo for my fabrication business but I’ve run into a problem…

While creating the body for it I found that one of the holes that I was going to cut in it wasn’t appearing as a body and I cant figure out why. I’m planning on cutting out some of the center pieces as this will be a metal sign and I was hoping to be able to get this extruded and visualized so I could get a qoute from an artist to paint it.

Any Ideas why the center portion above “Discover Fabrication” isnt closed and letting me extrude without it?

Feel free to also let me know any comments or critiques on the design! I’m always happy to get feedback. Thanks!

Hey @Samuel_E , I assume this was imported, right? The fastest way to find the disconnect is to split that part into two by a line, and then keep splitting the part that is not closed until you find the gap.

No so this was something that I had created in here. I’ll try that method and see what I can get from it, I’m fairly sure that I had closed everything correctly though. If I hadn’t linked a point would that cause this?

Yes, that could be a reason. If you can share the design in .shapr format, I’d be happy to take a look.

DFSIGN.shapr (625.0 KB)

Here is my design, I appreciate the help!

Looks like you had a couple of overlapping splines. Here’s the fix and your file. I sketched a series of lines bisecting the forest until I came across the problem area.

DFSIGN2.shapr (113.6 KB)


Thank you!