Boolean operation failed when subtracting

I’m learning to use Shapr by modeling objects in my room. I’m currently modeling Apple XDR Display and I’m stuck with the grille on the back.

Since this is my first post, I’m only allowed to upload one image, so I’ll try to explain with words the best I can.

Here’s how it looks like:

There are two layers of the ball shapped cutting in the grille.

  1. For the first layer, I made a row of ball shaped objects and subtract from the display.
  2. Then I created another set of ball pattern and insert it further into display.
  3. However, when I want to subtract it, it says that Boolean operation is failed.

What, I’m doing wrong here?

Hi! Do you have the same issue if you select just a smaller group of spheres? There are several reasons why the boolean can fail, could you please update the workspace?

Yes, even if I select only one object (ball), I get the same message. What do you mean by updating the workspace?

Is that one ball (and all others for that matter) intersecting with the display? If they are not, then you will get the boolean failed message.

Sorry, I meant to upload. Please export it as a Shapr3D design (.shapr extension) and upload the file. If you are running the free version, upload some screenshots from several points of view, with and without selecting the boolean tool to let us see if the bodies are intersecting properly or what can be the cause of the failing tool.

@TigerMike yes it’s intersecting.

@KPeter_Shapr3D for some reason, I cannot upload the .shapr file from Files app on my iPad (it’s grayed out), but here’s the Dropbox link.

Presumably the spheres cut surfaces that are too flat and Shapr3D can’t handle that.
One solution, simply move the display 0.1mm and it works.
You didn’t do anything wrong, that shouldn’t happen.

See my video about this:


@Pascal Thanks, that worked!

Thanks for the workspace :slight_smile: The reason why the boolean failed with the original model is that the spheres are tangent to the face of the display where I marked it with the red circle. The boolean would end up in a detail with zero thickness - technically a surface, which is not supported yet

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@KPeter_Shapr3D good to know!

Off-topic, but related to this project. Is there a way to distribute objects in Shapr3D by setting the position of the first and last one, and let Shapr set the equal distances for the rest in between? The way I layed-out these balls was manually by duplicating one by one and typing a distance for each over and over again. Of course, I did this for one row and then duplicate the whole row, but anyway, was there a faster way?

No, there is no function for it.
The easiest way is to copy one, then copy these two, then copy these four etc .: =)

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This would be a great feature to add to Shapr3D. It would open up ease of implementing “textures” and “patterns”.