Boolean failed at substraction

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Hello everyone,
I just got the app and learning it little by little.
I was following a guide on how to design a soy sauce bottle until I came across this problem. I must be doing something wrong but I don’t understand what exactly.
I was tying to subtract the top round plate and it was giving me that error.

Hi @Eugene,

Can you please share or upload the Shapr3D design?


Thanks for sending the link, but that is just a preview. Please send us the Shapr3D design, which would allow us to check if there are any intersections between the bodies for the boolean.

I saved the design on my IPad. When I try to attach to this message it says ‘New users cannot upload attachements.”

I just updated your user level, please upload the file

Thank you. Here you go:
Bottle.shapr (23.6 KB)

It seems you are right Eugene. The two parts definitely intersect, but neither will subtract from the other.

I tried Intersect as well, but that didn’t work either.

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I agree, the subtract failed.
While the Shapr3D tech are looking into it, here’s a quick workaround. Use Split Body.

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Yep, thank you

Good one Mike, well done :clap:

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Thanks for sharing the workaround @TigerMike

@Eugene, can you please confirm that you did this tutorial? We have to check this particular model in a bit more detail, please go with Mike’s workaround for this time

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I didn’t make that tutorial. I followed that tutorial to learn.