Boolean Union Failures Rhino

Hi, I am trying to do a boolean union and can’t figure out why it keep failing…any ideas?

Hi, can you provide a little bit more info please?

Here’s an image. pendant Three parts,the long stem, the stone setting and the polysurface cap at the end

Is this a mesh model? Is the boolean failing in Rhino or in Shapr? Is this data exported/imported from/to somewhere? Can you please describe what and how you are trying to achieve?

Created the elements in Rhino 5. The centre part I created a profile to sweep on a rail. The end cap I blended surface to close the top.

How did you import it to Shapr3D?

I’m doing everything in Rhino 5 not shapr3d

Ah. OK. Got it. Then probably you can get better help on the official Rhino forum:

Thank you!!! Appreciate the link