Break lines on 2D drawings

I am loving the new drawings feature for creating fabrication prints. I am currently drawing a 1/4” plate that will be laser cut to shape then bent at a 90° angle on 1 edge. I would like to be able to show the break line on the drawing of the flat plate, preferably a dashed line, so that I can dimension the break location on the plate. Is there a way to do this now? If not, I would love to see this feature in the future!


Good suggestion. Not currently. Typically, laser cutting machines cut “hairline” width lines, which are interpreted as Vector cuts. A line thicker than “hairline” are considered as raster, and are either ignored or etched. This is how it’s done in CorelDRAW. I have two CNC CO2 laser machines, which I use CorelDRAW for. I have used Shapr3D for sending out 3/8” thick metal cutting, but no bending. I agree that being able to have a “reference” line ability would be a valuable feature. This could potentially be done through colored lines of sketches I think, as long as the color information was kept intact. I can choose power by color.

As a workaround, possibly, make the part two separate bodies at the point of the bend, butted up to each other as if it was one solid part.

Then make the drawing using the two bodies, and you can dimension to the separation, which would be the bend.

I know geometries for drawings are coming, but I’m unsure when that will happen, or how they’ll be implemented.

Alternatively, you should be able to draw the part in a 2D plane in the 3D space, with the bend line, and export it as DXF/DWG from there and it should work, right?

I just want to show a line as a reference to the press operator where to break the part. I don’t want to laser that line, just the outside shape of the part. Any sketch lines on the part disappear when the model is used to male the drawing. In other words, 2D sketches don’t show up in the drawing feature. Looking forward to the upcoming features!

So, I just experimented with something.

If you project a sketch onto a surface as an imprinted body edge, it will transfer that imprinted edge on the body to the 2D drawing and be able to dimension from it.


Hi Nathan,

I just found your reply to my post back several months ago. This is a great solution! Thanks for sharing it. I followed your tutorial and it worked perfect!

Thanks again,


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