Buckets of old

I’m building a library of buckets, totes and firkins for a farm kitchen set in the 1800’s. This gave me a chance to experiment with creating textures and visual interest by changing surfaces relative to its neighbours and gouging out edges with fillets and radii. I also took the time to learn how to separate out parts from a single primitive using construction planes. If the wood textures are indeed going to have controllable grain directions then these staves will look even better. I changed scale from one stave to the next to break up grain. In future iterations I’ll divide the staves a little more unevenly. I don’t need photo real images but these give me a way to get a more comprehensive image and also break out the geometries to help in construction. Totally lost count of how many edges I grinded away and never crashed it, it only froze once early in build. I think that’s pretty impressive for any software but especially in Beta.