Wood grain direction in visualization?

Will we be a able to change wood grain direction in Visualization?
I’m a beta tester and I can’t find how to do that. The visualization of wood renders I quite off in some situations, like legs for tables, chairs etc



Was just about to make the same topic would be nice if u could rotate the grain and also a bookmatched function would be great to get a lot out of it also am inbound to plans maybe so it keeps the grain direction for plans


End grain would also be compulsory or a more realistic wood render.

What would REALLY be good is if the visualization of wood runs through the whole 3d object and not only on the surface. That would really make a big difference for solid wood workers when making different shapes. It would be a game changer for understanding the end result before it’s made in reality. But I know, this is a bit too much to hope for.


I played with it briefly and the only way I could see to rotate the grain is to rotate the model in the workspace. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to rotate it on a per surface basis.


Give Shapr3D some time. They have many things planned!

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Does shapr have the possibility of supporting normals for the purpose of mapping textures?

I too would like to request the ability to change the direction of the wood grain. My furniture designs look really wonky with the grain running in the wrong direction…


We are working on it. :pray:


Are there already news about wood grain etc big part missing for showing customers the finished product

Yes, it’s coming around the end of June.

Edit: end of July, sorry.


Hi Istvan, any update on this feature?

Hi Charlie, it’s the next item on the roadmap of the Visualization team.