Wood Grain Orientation

It would be great to change the direction of wood grains to accurately represent the surfaces they are on. I am making a a full detail model and I would love to have the studs show properly.


Hello - we totally agree and it is on our immediate roadmap. Depending on the speed of development (and unforeseen issues) it should arrive by the end of June. This can change, but this is our goal at this point


If the grain option only had a 90 degree, or four cardinal point control, it will still be a massive step forward. Fantastic as this is currently, I’m already tired of the first comments being how the whole design looks odd because the grain is clearly oriented in an unnatural way. But if there is directional control that allows grain in any radial orientation, it’s going to be breath taking. June isn’t very long to wait considering all we’ve had these last three months.


Thank you.
Essentially i cannot use ‘wood’ visualisations until this is put into effect.
Well done so far with this software!


it would be nice if it became possible to change the color of the wood texture

If you use the iPad you can try Cadmio, it has both orientation and the possibility to change wood color.

If you are on mac/win there are infinite options. :smiley:

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Let’s talk real wood, shall we? :innocent:

Here are two rather extreme samples/examples, but it’s getting less and less extreme by the day, since orders keep getting weirder/crazier/whatever.

First, let’s have a look at some basic body shape for an E-guitar.

See how intricate the fiber structure is?

Now beyond that (and beyond tastes) are actual orders, like this one:

Now that’s wood grain orientation. I had to ask my friends at Halo Custom Guitars for the preview. Most of my time spent doing custom shop work ends up like this or much, much more complex (17-ply necks with 5 or more different wood essences, headless with each-string-a-different-finish-tuner near the bridge, up to 14 strings… you name it, we do it)!

There’s not only wood grain and fiber direction, as you can see: burl tops and Black/White dreamy ebony fretboards are now commonplace.

If I can’t give the player a proper preview of their dream instrument, then I can just leave with the specs sheet. I can’t possibly do that and I can’t imagine anyone in the biz of “hyper-customizable” do that as well. Only one or two in 300 orders are not cancelled, even with a preview.

I’m sparing you swirl finishes. Sure, it’s an extremely niche market and few players can afford custom products.

I thought it was time to show you what I wanted to but couldn’t due to rendering limitations.
I’m also working on furniture. No matter if it’s luthier or furniture maker, same issues IRL and same issues with rendering.

The real issue with wood is that it’s too complex to get a “quick fix”.
I can understand: taking realism to the next level is a really heavy thing used by very few people… and it’s too heavy for iPad apps, perhaps (though Shapr3D works on 3 platforms).

And I can understand why some people did it… but it’s done on huge desktop rendering powerhouses costing twelve legs!

Looks like Shapr needs burl wood material :slight_smile:

Ready for the full scoop? If it was only about Burl, I’d be happy. I’m exhausted instead, but I love what I do!

Feel free to skip this post. It’s going to be a very long one.
Here’s what I (and my fellows) deal with on a daily basis. Nothing added, only a few removed.

Regarding specs and options, the list is just mind-boggling. Doing this alone is overkill!

There are 1. General options, 2. Body, 3. Neck, 4. Headstock, 5. Components and 6. Special options (because nothing’s going to be turned off. Discussing comes first).

Detailed version? Sure, send me a private message. I’m warning you, it’s not a small thing!
Disclaimer: I’m not trying to sell anything. I only tell, plus I’m silenced by NDAs.

General options:

  • Dexterity (right/left)
  • Construction method
    • Bolt On
    • Set neck
    • Neck through
  • Number of Strings
    • 6 7 8 (up to 14)
  • Multiscale fanned frets (yes/no)
  • Shorter Scale Length
    • 24.75" 25" 25.5" 27" 28"
  • Longer Scale Length
    • 25" 25.5" 27" 28" 30"


  • Shape (Standard/Headless)
  • Chambered Body (yes/no)
  • Contour
    • Flat
    • Tapered edges
    • Carved top
    • Forearm cut
    • Tummy cut
    • Forearm & Tummy cut
    • Reveal bevel
  • Top Wood
    • Apply only to body wings (yes/no)
    • None
    • Flamed Maple veneer (0.6 mm thick)
    • Quilted Maple veneer
    • Spalted Maple veneer
    • Walnut veneer
    • Zebrawood veneer
    • Maple Burl veneer
    • Poplar Burl veneer
    • Ziricote veneer
    • Flamed Maple cap (3-6 mm thick)
    • Quilted Maple cap
    • Zebrawood cap
    • Maple Burl cap
    • Poplar Burl cap
    • California Buckeye Burl cap
    • Ziricote cap
    • Carbon fiber cap
  • Core Wood
    • Mahogany
    • Alder
    • Ash
    • Basswood
    • Black Limba
  • Back Wood
    • Same as top wood if not neck-through body
  • Top Color
    • Natural
    • Transparent
    • Solid
    • Metallic
  • Back & Sides Color
    • Same as top color
  • Top Burst
    • None
    • Black-Red
    • Black
    • White
    • Gray
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Brown
    • Turquoise
    • Crimson
    • Copper
    • Bright yellow
    • Emerald
    • Black-Green
    • Black-Blue
    • Black-Purple
    • Black-Brown
    • Black-Turquoise
    • Black-Crimson
    • Black-Copper
    • Black-Yellow
    • Blue-Turquoise
  • Back Burst
    • Same as Top Burst
  • Top Binding
    • None
    • White
    • Cream
    • Black
    • Synthetic Abalone
    • Pearloid
  • Back Binding
    • Same as Top Binding
  • Top Purfling
    • None
    • Herringbone
    • Triple
    • Abalone
  • Back Purfling
    • Same as Top Purfling
  • Custom Graphics
    • Usually, a pop up is used, with a prompt such as “Create your own one-of-a-kind guitar by adding a custom graphic image. You may upload JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF files, 2MB maximum. Please note: The better your image looks, the better your guitar will look. We will contact you for a print-ready version of your image after you place your order. Otherwise, there will be a substantial drop in the image quality on your guitar if we use the image you upload.”
  • Finish
    • Gloss
    • Satin
    • Open pore satin


  • Neck Wood
    • 3-piece laminated maple
    • Flamed maple
    • Roasted flame maple
    • 3-piece laminated mahogany
    • 7-piece laminated maple, walnut
    • 13-piece laminated maple, walnut, mahogany
    • 7-piece laminated wenge, maple
    • Roasted maple
    • Ziricote
  • Fretboard Wood
    • Maple
    • Birdseye Maple
    • Flamed Maple
    • Roasted flamed maple
    • Dark ebony
    • Ebony
    • Rosewood
    • Zebra wood
    • Pale moon ebony
    • Wenge
    • Roasted maple
    • Ziricote
  • Fretboard Radius
    • Standard
    • Custom
    • Compound
  • Neck Back Color
    • Natural
    • Transparent
    • Solid
    • Metallic
  • Frets
    • Fretless
    • 21 frets
    • 22
    • 24
    • 27
  • Inlay
    • None
    • Center dots
    • Offset dots
    • Treble-side offset dots
    • Blocks
    • Shark fins
    • Custom design, single elements
    • Custom design, multiple elements


  • Shape
  • Angle
  • Match Body (yes/no)
  • Color
  • Binding
  • Purfling
  • Truss Cover

Same options as body. I’m simplifying, because it’s becoming really heavy… and those options are “default” (most often used) ones, meaning that more, less, different are also requested.


Warning: technical nightmare! I’ll spare you the detailed sections.

  • Hardware Color
  • Bridge
  • Tuners
  • Pickguard
  • Pickups
  • Piezo / MIDI
    • No
    • Graph Tech® Ghost® - Piezo only
    • Graph Tech® Ghost® - Midi only
    • Graph Tech® Ghost® - Piezo And MIDI
  • Control Pattern
  • Knobs
  • Cavity Covers
  • Switch Cap

Special options:

  • Guitar Case (yes/no)
  • Strap Locks (yes/no)
  • Kill Switch (yes/no)
  • Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement Rods (yes/no)
  • Coil-Split (yes/no)
  • Locking Output Jack (yes/no)
  • Your Signature on Headstock (yes/no)
  • Stainless Steel Frets (yes/no)
  • Scalloped Fretboard
    • No
    • Half
    • Full
  • Special Instructions

Player’s specific requests beyond previous detailed choices, etc.

Preview pictures of each option are way too much. That’s why I didn’t include any.

Combinations are just endless. Modeling and rendering requires loads of blueprints and templates. Doing this from scratch for each request is suicidal.

Wait. I’m not done yet. This is for guitars only!
There are plenty of other instruments, related to guitar or not… and every single one has a similar hyper-customized list.

I only wanted to give you a truly informative overview, so you know exactly what I’m talking about. I hope it’ll be useful someday.

If you’ve read the whole post, kudos, and thank you for bearing with me!


Hi! Any news on the release date for this feature? I’m stuck - I use sanded birch veneer for most of my projects, I find SHAPR3D’s version is the most realistic. If use Cadmio for the orientation I get another version of the material - which I don’t like that much. Send help :slight_smile:


Just pinging this for Daniel and me!
I model a LOT of wooden handles. This would make my year.

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any updates on the timeline? Wood grain orientation was expected to be released early last summer, then postponed to end of summer, now it’s November. I suppose its safe to assume that you did in fact hit some large road bumps?

I hope I don’t come across as aggressive, It’s just I’ve been eager to use wood grain orientation for so long now :confused:



Due to some performance bottlenecks the implementation is not as straightforward as we thought. First we’ll need to do some optimizations before we can ship it. I understand that the wait is frustrating, but this improvement is a high prioirity item on the Visualization roadmap.


@Istvan with the future implementation of wood grain direction, will there also be the ability to change direction of other materials with a linear pattern, like brushed metals?
Radial brushed finishes for circular surfaces as well? I.E. chamfered holes, shaft ends, and other round objects?

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Yes, material orientation will be generally available for all materials where it makes sense. Some of the examples you mentioned are a bit more tricky, because they would require different texturing techniques from what we have now implemented, but in most cases you’ll get pretty good results.

Theoretically there is a lot more we could do in the future, eg. support different manufacturing techniques in Visualization, like automatically add welding textures etc…


Will there be support for importing custom materials into Shapr3D, too? Just curious as it comes very handy now and then …

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Not impossible! Can you help us understand your use case? Why do you need this feature and what kind of materials would you create?

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If I create 3D chair with specific fabric for seat, I would scan it and place it on my model. Same goes for venier, specific type of wood I have in my workshop etc. Shapr3D has some wonderful materials but in order to be accurate in my presentation, I should use one that I will use in my final product.

V V pon., 21. nov. 2022 ob 19:06 je oseba Istvan Csanady via Shapr3D forums <notifications@shapr3d.discoursemail.com> napisala:

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I would welcome the ability to apply a custom image rather than a texture.

This way we could create our own basic materials/textures.

In my case, I would like to to add images/artwork to a scene or product such as a label, barcode, postage stamp, decal, photograph on a product or box etc.

Just the single ability to apply an image to a surface would open up so many possibilities.


It’s now April 2023. Any idea when wood grain orientation might be implemented? Thanks.