Wood Textures

Painted wood texture would be a nice feature, which I hadn’t though of. Wood is my primary building material so I’m skewed in favour of that, but already I have much to work with that is new. I would love to have a sliding scale for each species of wood that allows me to darken or lighten.

As noted but also responded to in other posts, having the ability to orient the wood grain would be a huge help. All this being said however, every add on which steps beyond the framework already in place complicates the coding and the interface. I am already managing raised expectations of people who might complain the grain is oriented 90 degrees off, even though themselves can’t barely write their own name let alone render a sketch. The ability to change the scale of textures is helpful for differentiating two elements, such as members in a table top.

I don’t expect this program to be everything, I can always drag it into Rhino and stay up all night tweaking lights and running renders - this allows me to get the main points of a design across. I say this to emphasize it’s more important this software allow for fast design, show and tell, and then incorporating some feedback.


Thank you! We are actively thinking about how to make the wood material experience better. Your feedback helps a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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First of all, I congratulate you for this new tool that I was also looking forward to.
Indeed being able to orient the grain of the wood would be a real plus.

I applied another texture on a previously yellow surface (carbon fiber texture) but as it is defined in black the surface color has become black in carbon fiber and not yellow in carbon fiber as I would have liked (maybe in a future update).

But congratulations again for this new tool.


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What would REALLY be good is if the visualization of wood runs through the whole 3d object and not only on the surface. That would really make a big difference for solid wood workers when making different shapes. It would be a game changer for understanding the end result of grain flow before it’s made in reality. Understand what I mean?


Main wood texture I miss:


Yes. Imagine if ‘end grain’ could be visualised too like in SketchUp.


Just a quickie:
As a luthier, I often use a main body wood with another extra-thin see-thru layer on top (never the same wood). In other words, I think it could be quite nice to be able to set opacity and transparency for wood as well … but it’s no biggie. I can always do that in Rhino then mix up with Shapr3D.

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I love the new visualisation section of Shapr3D, especially the wood effects. Is there any way to rotate the grain direction of the wood on the faces of the object to create a more realistic view? If not, is this something that could be added to the app?


It’s not yet available, but it’s on our close roadmap.


I definitely would like the wood texture to be able to be adjusted in direction and offset etc for each face. Having the same grain running across two separate bodies isn’t very realistic. Especially if they are at 90 degrees to each other in the long dimension.
End grain texture (automatic or manually selected) would be icing on the cake.