Bug report: numpad enter key ignored


Just trying out the Shapr3D beta and during the intro tutorial on step 5 (extruding a closed sketch) I typed in a precise value using the numpad on my keyboard and hit Enter on the numpad and nothing happened, I had to hit Return on the main keyboard area. I should note that I’m using Apple’s full size Magic Keyboard.

(Depending on how you’re capturing keyboard input on macOS, the key codes for Return and Enter are different)

While I’m giving feedback, I feel like the default rotation speed on mac trackpads should be a bit slower. If I switch between holding shift and not holding shift, while dragging with two fingers, the rotations feel a lot faster than the moves, if that makes sense?


I could also add a nit-pick that the tutorial specifically mentions “the Enter key”, but in Mac lore, the key near Backspace is the Return key - the one on the numpad is Enter.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for the bug report, we are aware of it, and it will be fixed in the near future :slight_smile: