5.260 - Increase modeling precision with updated tools and features

Learn about the new features and improvements in this release.

  • New: You can now add size tolerances to your 2D drawings for more precision in manufacturing your product within a dimension range.
  • New: Get more variety in Visualization with the new Dark Salon environment.
  • Improved: Splines now have a more fluid interaction for better control. Draw, break, and join splines without needing to use pen or pencil pressure taps. New polyline displays help guide the shape of the curve you create when using Control Point Splines.
  • Improved: Make basic calculations in the dimension input with the new calculator capability.
  • Improved: Use the updated Bright Salon 1 and Bright Salon 2 Visualization environments with more dramatic lighting and heightened reflections. Highlight contours and details of your model.

Make sure to check out these updates and let us know what you think.


Generally in Japan, a period is used for the decimal point instead of a comma. Is it possible to switch it in the settings?


This is currently a limitation in Drawings, but the setting to change this is on the short term roadmap of our team.


I look forward to the added features!

The added features to 2d drawings is excellent. it’s totally changed what I can use the software to produce. Will there be more symbols added in dimensions, such as concentricity, parallelism, flatness, surface finish, welding symbols etc?

Yes, yes, yes, we are heavily investing in Drawings. :slight_smile:


You guys are awesome!! Thank you!!

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